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Web 2.0 describes web sites that use technology beyond the static pages of earlier web sites. Although Web 2.0 suggests a new version of the World Wide Web, it does not refer to an update to any technical specification, but rather to cumulative changes in the way web pages are made and used.


A Web 2.0 site may allow users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community, in contrast to websites where people are limited to the passive viewing of content. Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, folksonomies, video sharing sites, hosted services, web applications, and mashups.


Whether Web 2.0 is substantively different from prior web technologies because it is a collaborative medium, a place where we [could] all meet and read and write. Quadra Incorp, the Digital Marketing Company Bangalore, designs and develops attractive web blogs for your website. We will list out all the important topics and product/service in your blog which will help the visitor to know more about your Company.



 There are several websites which allow us to create and share blogs. The web 2.0 blogs are listed below:


*      http://www.blogspot.com

*      http://www.wordpress.com/

*      http://www.blogs.com

*      http://www.wix.com/

*      https://www.tumblr.com/

*      http://www.weebly.com/

*      http://www.webs.com/

*      http://www.rediff.com/

*      http://www.skyrock.com/

*      http://www.350.com/

*      http://www.yolasite.com

*      http://www.beep.com/

*      http://www.zoomshare.com and much more.



Web 2.0 is the name given to a collection of trends that are changing how we all work with the Web, whether as consumers, software developers or business owners. Trends — not technologies — define Web 2.0, because the technologies that underlie this next-generation Web have been around for quite some time. It's the innovations that have sprung from the ubiquity of the Web that are new. We at Quadra Incorp, the Best SEO Company in Bangalore, create effective WEB 2.0 Blogs to improve the visibility and reachability of your site! It allows us to create links to your actual website which will definitely popularize your primary website. A user may visit, read and comment on our Blog and will visit the main website, if they are interested.


Web 2.0 is a big, broad term that may mean different things to different people, but there are two big ideas behind it. The first is the notion of running software applications on the Web itself instead of on the desktop, as we have since the dawn of the PC. This is a new way of looking at the Web, not as a collection of destination sites, but as a set of sources, both of data and of functionality, that can all be strung together to create the applications we need.


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